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Working in partnership with our clients to develop a unique and strategic communication plan, Spritz will deliver results that drive relevancy, build awareness and meet your strategic goals. Our creative and bespoke campaigns can incorporate a variety of activations from media launches and press visits, to developing marketing strategy and delivering unforgettable events. Visit our Expertise page to find out more or see some examples of our latest work below.

An event designed to offer members of the UK wine trade a comprehensive understanding of the role played by yeast in shaping the unique characters of pinot noir from different regions across the winemaking world and foster a better appreciation of the intricate relationship between microbiology and wine. Our client is Lallemand Oenology, a global company […]

Lallemand Oenology: Pinot Noir unleashed

Our objective was to support the IWSC to interact with its community and showcase its award-winning wines. The IWSC is more than a competition. It is a global wine and spirits community, focused on people and expertise. Its mission is to champion the best wine and spirits from around the world by taking a personal […]

Showcasing IWSC award-winning wines

Our objective was to drive awareness of the Neusiedlersee DAC appellation, its producers and its wines, with the UK wine trade and media. Austria’s Neusiedlersee wine-growing region, in Burgenland, to the east of Lake Neusiedl, stretches from the hills and the wine capital of Gols, over the flat Heideboden, and down to the See-winkel area. […]

Driving awareness of the Neusiedlersee DAC Appellation

Ahead of the festive season, and social influencer gold ‘Global Champagne Day,’ Spritz proposed the opportunity to host media at a portfolio tasting at Moët Hennesy HQ. An occasion to maximise coverage and ensure brands were front of mind as well as showcase latest brand innovations. Including Champagne’s most famous names, Moët & Chandon, Krug, […]

Moët Hennessy’s Portfolio of Champagne Brands Tasting

Our objective was to increase awareness both locally and within the UK wine trade of Jeroboams, its people and its shops. Jeroboams is the most exciting independent wine and drinks specialist on the London high street today.  With their ten shops (including their Notting Hill delicatessen) and enviable list of quality wines, Champagnes, spirits, beers […]

Jeroboams Wine Trade Campaign

Lallemand is a privately-owned Canadian company, founded at the end of the 19th century, that specialises in the development, production, and marketing of yeasts and bacteria. The company has 11 technically driven business units focussing on various applications of yeast and bacteria in baking, fermented beverages, human and animal nutrition, fuel ethanol and for agricultural […]

Lallemande Press & Wine Trade Seminar

Client Objective: Looking for support in an increasingly competitive UK market. Sogevinus Fine Wines is a privately-owned company and brings together five major brands including the oldest Port Wine House (Kopke), the best-selling Port Wine brand in Portugal (Velhotes) and the most visited cellar in Portugal with approximately 250,000 visitors annually (Cálem). In addition to […]

Brand Awareness for Sogevinus Fine Wines

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